Dr. Aly Cohen, founder of The Smart Human, Presents Environmental Health Lecture Series at Princeton High School

Dr. Aly Cohen Presents Environmental Health Lecture Series

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH: Dr. Aly Cohen, a local internist specializing in comprehensive rheumatology, integrative medicine, and environmental health, will present two more lectures in her Environmental Health Lecture Series at Princeton High School through June 7, 2017. — From an Article in Town Topics written by Donald Gilpin — Princeton High School will be hosting the last […]

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Go Green at Work

From WebMD.com LIVING by Colleen Oakley ~  Want to be a better employee? Tweak your office space to become more productive and healthier—at work and at home. Unplug your electronics when not in use. “Studies have found that electromagnetic activity affects your circadian rhythms, or sleep patterns,” says Aly Cohen, MD, founder of TheSmartHuman.com and co-editor […]

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Dr. Aly Cohen Interviewed on Dr. Ronald Hoffman’s Intelligent Medicine Podcast

How Your Environment Affects Your Health CLICK HERE for Dr. Aly Cohen’s Interview on Dr. Ronald Hoffman’s Intelligent Medicine Podcast Dr. Aly Cohen, Integrative Rheumatologist, offers a must-listen discussion on “Integrative Environmental Medicine,” the title of her new book. What are the potential insults we face from polluted air and water? What are the health […]

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Rheumatology and the Environment: An Integrative View

Interview with Dr. Aly Cohen published in ‘Alternative and Complementary Therapies’ Volume: 23 Issue 1: February 1, 2017* Dedicated to both an integrative and environmental perspective on health, Dr. Aly Cohen is committed to helping patients and colleagues understand the environmental contribution to health and disease. Here, Dr. Cohen describes the environmental impact on rheumatologic disease […]

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