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Dr. Aly Cohen Contributes to Creaky Joints Article on Fatigue from Inflammatory Arthritis

Credit: fizkes/istock Tatiana Ayazo for CreakyJoints 11 Signs You’re Dealing with Fatigue from Inflammatory Arthritis (and Are Not Just Super Tired) PUBLISHED 10/18/21 BY SUSAN JARA From brain fog to irritability, here are some subtle signs that your inflammatory arthritis is causing fatigue. Fatigue from inflammatory arthritis is, well, exhausting. But it’s different than just […]

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Dr. Aly Cohen and Dr. David Perlmutter

Dr. Aly Cohen is Featured on The Empowering Neurologist Podcast with Dr. David Perlmutter

The Chemicals in Our Environment Poisoning Us Call it like it is, we live in a very very toxic world. Our ability to detoxify the more than 90,000 chemicals that have been introduced into our existence is certainly less robust than it needs to be. Indeed, new challenges face our ability to detoxify on a […]

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Phthalates: Toxins with both health and economic effects… And how you can reduce exposures!

Phthalates are a family of industrial chemicals used to soften polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic and as solvents in cosmetics and other consumer products. They are often used to make plastics more durable and therefore called plasticizers. Some phthalates are used to help dissolve other materials. Phthalates are in hundreds of products, such as vinyl flooring, […]

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Critically Speaking Podcast

Dr. Aly Cohen is Featured on the Critically Speaking Podcast with Therese Markow

Toxic! The last decades have seen a continuing rise in really serious and often fatal health problems. The list is long: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, infertility, autoimmune diseases, autism, just to name a few. While vulnerability to disease often has an underlying genetic predisposition, there have to be environmental triggers to set these diseases in […]

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Reset, Renew, Revive Podcast

Dr. Aly Cohen is Featured on the Reset, Renew, Revive Podcast with Dr. Bindiya Gandhi

Reset Renew Revive Podcast Episode 030 Dr. Aly Cohen Dr. Cohen’s journey to environmental health (1:06) Environmental Autoimmune issues (5:05) Non-Toxic: Living Healthy in a Chemical World (11:10) How to start making changes (15:27) Priority changes (24:57) Dr. Cohen’s advice to her younger self (28:48) How Dr. Cohen starts her day (30:36) Dr. Cohen’s TED Talk […]

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