PATH Positive Approaches To Health

Dr. Aly Cohen is Featured on PATH Positive Approaches To Health Podcast

Road Trip… Destination Princeton, NJ – Conversation With a Smart Human! The PATHPod ladies head east to Princeton, New Jersey in this episode that is all things environmental health! They have an eye-opening conversation with Aly Cohen, a physician who is tripled board certified in internal medicine, rheumatology, and integrative medicine. She is also a […]

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The Smart Human Podcast Episode-13

Food Packaging, Plastics & Our Health – The Smart Human Podcast #13

Jane Muncke holds a doctorate degree in environmental toxicology and a MSc in environmental science from the ETH Zurich. Since 2012 she has been working as Managing Director and Chief Scientific Officer at the charitable Food Packaging Forum Foundation (FPF) in Zurich, Switzerland. FPF is a research and science communication organization focusing on chemicals in […]

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Sperm Count, Infertility and Toxins – The Smart Human Podcast #12

Shanna H. Swan, PhD, is one of the world’s leading environmental and reproductive epidemiologists and a professor of environmental medicine and public health at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. An award-winning scientist, her work examines the impact of environmental exposures, including chemicals such as phthalates and bisphenol A, […]

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Dr. Aly Cohen is Featured on the Phoenix Helix Podcast with Eileen Laird

COVID-19 & AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE UPDATE WITH DR. ALY COHEN How are people with autoimmune disease faring? What’s the single biggest factor in recovery? What supplements and lifestyle choices support immune health? How do we navigate restrictions vs. reopening? And how do we support our mental health during the challenges of a long-term pandemic? My guest […]

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