Dr. Cohen’s new book:

Non-Toxic: Living Healthy in a Chemical World

"Non-Toxic: Guide to Living Healthy in a Chemical World"

co-written with Dr. Frederick Vom Saal, is Available Now.

There is no question that our environment has changed dramatically over the past few decades. The influx of thousands of toxic chemicals that seep into every aspect of our lives wreaking havoc on our bodies can seem daunting, but research now shows that by making simple changes, we can dramatically reduce exposures to many harmful chemicals that we eat, breathe, and lather on our skin.

Non-Toxic is a practical guide to living healthier in our modern environment. It teaches how to reduce chemical and radiation exposures by recognizing potential threats and paying attention to what you eat, breathe, and put onto your skin. Written in clear, easy-to-understand language and based on scientific evidence, this book is filled with resources, tools, tear-off sheets, recipes, and practical, cost-effective tips designed to help you:

  • Understand and decode product and food labels
  • Create delicious recipes to help detoxify your body
  • Choose and prepare food and drinks safely and healthfully
  • Furnish and clean your home for a healthy indoor environment
  • Safely disinfect surfaces from COVID-19
  • Create do-it-yourself cleaning product recipes
  • Choose safer personal care products and cosmetics
  • Reduce exposure to pesticides in and around your home
  • Ensure safe drinking water for you, your family and pets
  • Reduce exposure to EMF radiation from cell phones, laptops and other tech toys
  • Make informed decisions about toys, baby products, and other environmental issues affecting your children

Written by a board-certified Rheumatologist and Integrative Medicine Physician, and a renowned PhD professor of neuro- and reproductive biology, Non-Toxic is designed to be referred to again and again for its relevant, cost-effective, and practical ways to reduce exposure and thereby lower risk for developing a variety of environmentally associated illnesses.



"As the founder of the Cancer Schmancer Movement and an ardent believer that how you live equals how you feel, I can speak first hand that Dr. Aly Cohen, who is one of our medical advisors, is the real deal! Read this book and learn how to live well, be well, and stay well!" -- Fran Drescher, Actor, Producer, Author, Health Activist, Public Diplomacy Envoy on Health - US State Department

"The idea that our home environment and product choices can make us sick is a powerful motivator for cleaner living. Drs. Cohen and vom Saal reveal the dangers lurking within our food, water, clothing, personal care products, household products, and cellular technology, and share practical, cost-effective, tips and recommendations to battle the challenges of "clean" living in a world without meaningful regulations. This is an important and timely guide to understanding our toxic world and what we can all do to protect our bodies from harmful exposures and their chronic health consequences." -- Mark Hyman MD, bestselling author of numerous books, including Food Fix: How to Save Our Health, Our Economy, Our Communities, and Our Planet-One Bite at a Time

"Non-Toxic reveals the vast extent our ever-increasing exposure to toxins coupled with the failure of governmental agencies to intervene for our protection. The text not only makes it clear that to protect our health we have to serve as our own advocates, but also provides clear strategies enabling us to accomplish this goal. This is a clear and eloquent presentation of where we are, how we got here, and what we can do moving forward to offset some of the most important health threats of our modern world." -- David Perlmutter, MD, Author, #1 New York Times bestseller, Grain Brain and Brain Wash

"If your doctor has never told you how important it is to reduce toxic chemical exposures in your food, water, and home, you might need a new doctor. You definitely need Non-Toxic, a book so indispensable to good health its purchase ought to be covered by insurance. Dr. Aly Cohen and Professor Fred vom Saal lucidly explain how toxic chemicals hurt you and prescribe practical steps you can take to get them out of your life." -- Ken Cook, President, EWG

"Non-Toxic is the blueprint for staying healthy in an increasingly complex environment. You CAN reduce harmful exposures without turning your whole life upside down or breaking the bank. When misinformation abounds, a scientifically based resource with practical recommendations for making safer choices for everything from food to home furnishings is truly a treasure. I will be recommending this book to all my patients and colleagues." -- Tieraona Low Dog, MD, Integrative Physician and Author of Healthy at Home

"What could be more important than the health of our brain! Non-Toxic shares practical information to help reduce harmful brain exposures - from pregnancy all the way through old age - and empowers readers to take control of the chemical world around them." -- Dhru Pirohit, creator/host of the Broken Brain podcast

"Every day I witness increasing concern for both personal health and planetary ecological health, especially as humanity experiences global interconnectedness in real time. In Non-Toxic, the authors provide rigorously researched assessments of what we're faced with as well as practical actions to protect ourselves and others. As more of us make these changes, our collective impact will be a reduced toxics burden for all life. I enthusiastically recommend Non-Toxic as a superb guide to meaningful personal and global action." -- Shana S. Weber, Ph.D., Director, Office of Sustainability, Princeton Environmental Institute, Princeton University

"An authoritative and accessible guide to how we got into the chemical pickle we are in, what it means for your health, and how you can take positive, practical action to navigate through the chemical onslaught that comes at us every day." -- Pete Myers, Ph.D., co-author of Our Stolen Future


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"Integrative Environmental Medicine"

Edited by Aly Cohen, Frederick S. vom Saal, and Series edited by Andrew Weil.

At no other time in human existence have there been so many environmental changes. Over 87,000 chemicals are now commercially available in the U.S., almost all of which have not been tested for safety, particularly in young children and the growing fetus. The number and quantity of chemicals has continued to increase since World War II--and so too has the incidence of many chronic health problems, such as Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, thyroid disease, asthma, allergy, autoimmune disease, autism, ADHD, and several cancers. Many studies have revealed that exposure to chemicals and radiation in our everyday environment may increase risk for these conditions.

Integrative Environmental Medicine examines the history and changing landscape of our environment in the U.S. and shares up-to-date research and information on ways to reduce exposures and reduce health risks. This text explores the unique properties of many chemicals and their ability to deceive the human body's normal workings, affecting everything from thyroid and autoimmune disease risk, to cancer development, to developmental issues in children, and even the development of diabetes and weight gain through gut bacteria manipulation. We discuss topics of improving regulations and appropriate testing for chemicals, remediation of environmental catastrophes, and designing healthier products for the future. Finally, we discuss best practices for clinicians to ascertain exposure history and teach patients how to avoid harmful exposures and help their bodies eliminate contaminates through better dietary and lifestyle practices.

Throughout this book, we share vetted, practical resources and tools--including websites, phone apps, physician and patient hand-outs--to help healthcare practitioners facilitate healthier choices for themselves and their patients.

This text is unique in that it offers tangible, practical information that can easily be integrated into the daily work flow of patient clinical care.


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