Dr. Cohen has just completed co-editing/authoring the “Integrative Environmental Medicine” text for the Weil/Oxford University Press academic series. It is available now.

Dr. Cohen is currently co-editing/authoring the "Integrative Environmental Medicine" text for the Weil/Oxford University Press academic series, slated for publication - March 2017.


The Smart Human BooksDr. Cohen’s new book:

“Non-Toxic:                                Living Healthy in a Chemical World”

co-written with Dr. Frederick Vom Saal, is slated for publication in 2020.

This book gives an anthropological and biologic perspective on the environmental hazards that plague humans and wildlife in modern life, discusses specific contaminants in our food, water, and personal care products, and shares real-world, practical recommendations, tools, and resources for staying healthy in this chemical laden environment. “Non-Toxic” will empower its readers to make smarter, healthier choices to reduce health risks and live stronger healthier lives, now and into the future!