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Dr. Aly Cohen Discusses Dioxins on News Nation On Balance

Dr. Aly Cohen featured in recent NewsNation On Balance segment – Environmental specialist: East Palestine residents should be ‘worried’ about dioxins

From a recent taping of NewsNation discussing the impact of new soil testing results from ground zero of the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment that occurred on Feb 3rd. (Always fun to hear your kid giggling at the end. Keeps me humble😂) 👉🏽Facts about dioxin: 🔹They are a large class of chemicals (>450) that form […]

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Product Testing for Toxins with guest Heather Stapleton – The Smart Human Podcast Episode #27

In episode #27 of The Smart Human Podcast, Dr. Aly Cohen had the pleasure of chatting with Professor Heather Stapleton, an environmental chemist and exposure scientist in the Nicholas School of Environment at Duke University. Dr. Stapleton serves as director of the Duke Environmental Analysis Laboratory. Today we’re talking nonstick, waterproof and greaseproof chemicals, flame […]

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Environmental Chemicals and Bone Health with Aly Cohen, MD

Dr. Aly Cohen appeared on the Happy Bones, Happy Life Podcast with Margie Bissinger, MS, PT, CHC Timestamps [03:21] Where the Toxins in Our Environment Come From [08:38] Your Bones and how to Maintain Their Health [22:44] Reducing Your Exposure to Toxins… Where do You Start? [26:34] Dr. Cohens Tips for Water [39:43] The Different […]

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How To Improve Poor Indoor Air Quality

 In this video, Dr. Aly Cohen, founder of The Smart Human, discusses indoor air quality and things you can do right now to reduce your exposure to some pretty toxic chemicals. Many of the products that fill our air in our home are filled with fragrance chemicals, antibacterial chemicals like Triclosan, preservatives and propellant […]

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