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Chemicals In Personal Care Products

In this video, Dr. Aly Cohen, founder of The Smart Human, discusses the chemicals in our personal care products. To begin with, and this is key, personal care products and their ingredients are not regulated in the United States. That’s right. Under the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act, all of those products that we rub, […]

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Education in Environmental Health a Needed Tool In Ongoing Efforts to Grow Healthy Children in U.S.

To the Editor: Every day, the United States alone uses or imports about 42 million pounds of synthetic chemicals. There are more than 84,000 compounds approved for commercial use in the U.S., most of which have never been tested for toxicity. A 2011 Policy Statement issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics acknowledges that the […]

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A Meditation On Toe Nail Polish

On my recent and rare visit to get a manicure /pedicure, I was asked by a smiley Korean woman on the stool by my feet if I had picked out my toenail color or did I want “no” nail polish. It actually had never occurred to me to leave the color off, since I was […]

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