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Dr. Aly Cohen is Featured on the Phoenix Helix Podcast with Eileen Laird

COVID-19 & AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE UPDATE WITH DR. ALY COHEN How are people with autoimmune disease faring? What’s the single biggest factor in recovery? What supplements and lifestyle choices support immune health? How do we navigate restrictions vs. reopening? And how do we support our mental health during the challenges of a long-term pandemic? My guest […]

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Dr. Aly Cohen is Featured on the Learn Skin Podcast with Dr. Raja Sivamani and Dr. Hadar Lev-Tov

Environmental Toxins and Our Health How does our environment affect our skin? Join Aly Cohen, MD as she discusses just how everyday items can impact skin health, and offers useful take-home advice for patients and practitioners. Each Thursday, join Dr. Raja and Dr. Hadar, board certified dermatologists, as they share the latest evidence based research […]

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