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Product Testing for Toxins with guest Heather Stapleton – The Smart Human Podcast Episode #27

In episode #27 of The Smart Human Podcast, Dr. Aly Cohen had the pleasure of chatting with Professor Heather Stapleton, an environmental chemist and exposure scientist in the Nicholas School of Environment at Duke University. Dr. Stapleton serves as director of the Duke Environmental Analysis Laboratory. Today we’re talking nonstick, waterproof and greaseproof chemicals, flame […]

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Dr. Aly Cohen on Episode 29 of the Princeton Podcast

In Episode 29 of the Princeton Podcast, Mayor Mark Freda caught up with Dr. Aly Cohen, Integrative Rheumatologist, Author, Speaker, Community Educator, Podcaster, and founder of The Smart Human – an organization designed to inform the public about environmental health concerns and practical solutions to help minimize chemical exposures. Aly discussed her educational background, as well as her […]

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Aly Cohen The Future is Green Podcast Episode 03: Talk About Toxins!

Dr Aly Cohen on Episode 3 of The Future is Green Podcast – Talk About Toxins!

Dr. Aly Cohen was featured as the first-ever podcast guest of the Future is Green Podcast. She enlightened us with knowledgeable insight on the harmful effect of toxins in our lives and offered simple solutions on how to live a healthy life in a chemical world. Click here to listen to the podcast. What you’ll […]

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IG Live with Dr. Aly Cohen @thesmarthuman on simple dietary and lifestyle shifts for improving immunity, thanks to our amazing host @marypurdyrd

Big Bold Health Hosts IG Live with Dr. Aly Cohen

Dr. Aly Cohen @thesmarthuman had an IG Live with amazing host Mary Purdy @marypurdyrd for Big Bold Health discussing simple dietary and lifestyle shifts for improving immunity, thanks to our amazing host @marypurdyrd. Watch the video for the top 3 ways to minimize exposure to environmental toxicants. Plus, watch to the end to discover Dr. […]

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What’s In Your Water? New Podcast Episode with Aly Cohen, MD. and Dr. Adam Rinde

Aly Cohen, MD sits down with Adam Rinde for an episode of his podcast, One Thing with Dr. Adam Rinde. They cover the following: (00:00) Opening introduction. (02:03) Intro to Dr. Cohen’s interest in Integrative Rheumatology and Environmental Medicines (09:01) What is in our tap water? (15:23) Regulation Challenges (17:39) Xenobiotic health effects (23:44) Avoidance […]

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