Corporate Consultations

The Smart Human Corporate ConsultationsDr. Cohen, a mother of two young sons, dropped her boys off everyday at KinderCare Learning Center for over 3 years. Every time she entered the school, she would smell various cleaning chemicals aerating off of the furniture and air fresheners sprayed in bathrooms; observed plug-in air fresheners and observed poor air filtration throughout the hallways, especially in the winter season. Finally, after 3 years, she decided to share her thoughts in an email directed to the CEO of Knowledge Universe…..and within a day, she began working with the company to clean up over 2,000 KinderCare Daycares across the United States! Dr. Cohen has been working to clean up chemicals in schools, office buildings and commercial businesses for several years, and the interest in her work continues to grow. Sick leave, disability, and absenteeism are just a few of the effects of chemicals on workers in many toxic offices spaces.

Let Dr. Cohen walk you through simple changes that will make employees stay healthy, happy, and productive on the job!

Our Services Include:

  • On-site evaluations for chemical exposures and management:
    • cleaning products
    • carpeting/seating/office materials
    • drinking water
    • pesticide use
    • air quality
  • Product Safety Consultation for manufacturers
  • Materials consultation for builders/contractors
  • Heath and wellness education:
    • Lectures/Workshops:
      • Diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, stress management
      • Cancer prevention
      • Healthy pregnancy
      • Chemical exposure/mitigation in everyday life