Dr. Aly Cohen Featured in Recent Article – What Is the Link Between Aspartame and Cancer?

Dr. Aly Cohen contributed to the Next Avenue article: What Is the Link Between Aspartame and Cancer?

In a recent report, the World Health Organization said aspartame in large enough amounts may cause cancer. Other experts disagree. In this article, Dr. Aly Cohen helps break down the risks.

Although experts aren’t sure why, artificial sweeteners can impair the good bacteria lining your gut, called your gut microbiome. “We know that the hardiness of the gut microbiome with all its microbes living there in balance is actually well designed to protect the infinitesimally small gut lining,” Cohen says.

She adds this lining is about the width of half a human hair but covers the surface area of an entire football field. Your gut microbiome closely connects with your immune system, so the disease can get a stronger foothold when those good bacteria take a hit from aspartame.


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