Dr. Aly Cohen featured in recent NewsNation On Balance segment – Environmental specialist: East Palestine residents should be ‘worried’ about dioxins

From a recent taping of NewsNation discussing the impact of new soil testing results from ground zero of the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment that occurred on Feb 3rd. (Always fun to hear your kid giggling at the end. Keeps me humble😂)

👉🏽Facts about dioxin:

🔹They are a large class of chemicals (>450) that form when chlorine is burned… as was done with the intentional slow vinyl chloride gas burn…5 cars full…a EPA decision that had known consequences.

🔹Dioxins last a really long time in the environment…very difficult to breakdown…require temperatures of over 1300 degrees Celsius (not the case with this burn)

🔹Dioxins are part of the “dirty dozen” industrial chemicals known throughout the world as POPs..persistent organic

🔹Dioxins like fatty substances (lipophilic) so they also stay in the human body, livestock, fish and ecosystems for many years (often decades)

🔹Dioxins have been designated by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) which is part of the WHO as a Group 1 known carcinogen (as is vinyl chloride)

🔹Dioxins have also been found to have other health effects: developmental, reproductive, immunologic, neurologic, and metabolic (elevated lipids, type2 diabetes, heart disease)

🔹Under the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974, dioxins are safe in public drinking water at an MCL (maximum contaminant level) of 0.00000003!

🔹Many residents of Palestine are served by drinking wells….which are fed by rainwater which moves through surrounding soil.

🔹History has shown with other dioxin exposures/disasters that critical soil, air, dust, sediment, water and body fluids from those exposed, need to tested, monitored and remediated. EPA needs to do better.