Dr. Aly Cohen on Drinking Water: Chemicals, Toxins, and Filters – Capital Integrative Health Podcast #45

Have you ever asked yourself if the water you are drinking is safe? Does the water that you and your family consume contain toxins that may be contributing to health problems?

Dr. Aly Cohen talks to Capital Integrative Health about chemicals in drinking water and the critical information you need to know to keep your family safe.

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0:00 – Introduction
5:47 – Connection between Rheumatology and environmental toxins
11:52 – Where the US stands on water regulations
17:17 – What can we do about chemicals in water?
24:52 – How does the body eliminate toxins?
31:13 – Bottled water
40:31 – Autoimmunity and environmental chemicals
45:30 – Aly’s morning routine
48:30 – How to learn more and work with Aly