Dr Aly Cohen on Integrative Medicine, Joint Disease and the Links Between Chemicals in and on our Food and Deteriorating Health


Dr. Aly Cohen was featured on The Shift expert series with naturopath, nutritionist and author Katherine Maslen.  In this podcast episode Katherine and Dr. Cohen explore:

  • What exactly a rheumatologist is
  • How deficient we are in our medical training when it comes to health and nutrition
  • Why Dr Cohen combines traditional medicine and western approaches to medicine in her practice
  • The different types of arthritis and how diet can impact these kinds of diseases
  • Why gut health is becoming increasingly one of the key issues in overall human health
  • What leaky gut is and some of the conditions that stem from this issue
  • How the exposure to chemicals in our everyday life is significantly contributing to poor health
  • The links between gut health and the microbiome and chemical use
  • Why the way water is treated can be a health risk and the different ways additives in water, such as chlorine, impacts women and children
  • How eating organic can be beneficial to you, especially in relation to avoiding pesticides and other harmful chemicals
  • The drive behind Dr Cohen’s passion for health and well being
  • The increase in links between chemicals and disease
  • Why the contamination of groundwater occurs and what is deemed ‘acceptable’ risk for humans
  • Why mobile phone radiation and WiFi is an issue and ways you can reduce the risk to you and your family


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