Dr. Aly Cohen Quoted in AMTA Article – A Joint Effort

Dr. Aly Cohen was quoted in an article from www.amtamassage.org on the subject of massage for joint pain:

Princeton, NJ-based rheumatologist, internist and integrative medicine specialist Aly Cohen, M.D., agrees. “Hands-on approaches to physical ailments are remarkably helpful if they’re done well,” says Dr. Cohen, who also is an environmental health specialist and founder of TheSmartHuman.com. “If it’s not an acute issue that requires hospitalization or medication, you want to let the body heal itself—and massage can help facilitate that.”

“There absolutely should be a partnership, and that partnership should include massage therapists,” Dr. Cohen says. “You shouldn’t have to go to one person for your knee and another person across town for your neck, because everything’s connected. When you work together across silos, that’s how you treat the whole person.”

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