In-Home Safe Chemical Evaluations

The Smart Human In-Home Safe Chemical EvaluationsInvite Dr. Cohen into your home for a hands-on, whole house, chemical evaluation. She will go through your refrigerator and cupboards, turn over pillows, inspect bedding and carpets, evaluate personal care products, and even check the water from your faucets! Dr. Cohen will give you real information and a comprehensive report regarding the chemicals in your home. She will make safer, practical, cost and time effective recommendations for you and your family to live a healthier, less toxic life! Call it “chemical-proofing” for your home!
Our Services Include:
  • Evaluation and smart recommendations to reduce harmful chemical exposures:
    • Cleaning products
    • Air quality
    • Safe gardening
    • Safe cooking
    • Crafting & art projects
    • Personal care products
    • Baby toys/furnishings/care products
    • Drinking water & filtration
    • Flooring/carpeting
    • Renovations & home repair