Our Services

The Smart Human Environmental Health Services:

  • Lectures for schools, camps, communities, healthcare facilities
  • Interactive Skype seminars: middle/high schools , colleges/universities, medical schools
  • In-home chemical evaluations (air, food, water, home furnishings, cooking set-up, personal care products)
  • In-home “baby-proofing” for toxic chemicals
  • Training/education for staff/teachers on chemical safety
  • Curriculum writing for elementary/high school health/wellness programs
  • Corporate consulting: chemical safety workshops, site-evaluations, product evaluations, educational lectures for employees
  • Medical media consulting/contributing for local and national news programs (television, radio, podcasts)
  • Medical legal expertise for chemical exposure cases
  • Medical examinations for chemical exposure cases
  • Writing/editing: online/print publications & radio/tv programs
  • Fundraising
  • Political advising on environmental health issues