Everybody can become a "Smart Human,” if the appropriate information is presented – knowing the potential threats in your environment, will empower you to choose better.

~ Aly Cohen MD, Founder

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The Smart Human Philosophy

The Smart Human LLC. seeks to educate, coach, and empower YOU and your family to make safer, smarter choices to reduce chemical and radiation exposures, prevent illness, and optimize both physical and mental health. In addition, our goal is to help hospitals, schools, and manufacturers, make changes to reduce unsafe chemical exposure of the children and adults that they serve. It’s a lofty goal, but it has to start somewhere! I hope you will join us on this mission.


How Safe Is Our Water?

Dr Aly Cohen answers questions about lead. More information and tips from Dr Cohen about lead in drinking water and everyday products… Following the recent state of emergency declared in […]

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Dr. Aly Cohen Discusses Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Products on ‘Being Well’ Podcast

Are you aware of how many toxins you come into contact with on a daily basis? Most of us are surrounded by them, coming into contact every day with some […]

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Dr. Aly Cohen on PRN-FM ‘What Women Must Know’

Dr. Aly Cohen, founder of The Smart Human, was a guest on ‘What Women Must Know’, a podcast hosted by Dr. Sherrill Sellman on the Progressive Radio Network. In the interview, […]

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Aly Cohen and Urvashi Rangan on the Definition of ‘Organic’

In this video interview Dr. Aly Cohen, founder of The Smart Human discusses the definition of ‘organic’ with Urvashi Rangan, Ph.D, Director of Consumer Safety and Sustainability Group for Consumer […]

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Dangers of Cell Phone Use and Storage

This is something that impacts all of us. We’re talking about cell phones. Almost everyone has one and you don’t have to look very far for someone holding their cell […]

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Dr Aly Cohen on The Dr Joy Show

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Everybody can become a "smart human,” if the appropriate information is presented to them – knowing the potential threats in your environment, will give you the option to choose better. ~ Dr. Aly Cohen, Founder

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