Everybody can become a "Smart Human,” if the appropriate information is presented – knowing the potential threats in your environment, will empower you to choose better.

~ Aly Cohen MD, Founder

Aly Cohen MD
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The Smart Human Philosophy

The Smart Human LLC. seeks to educate, coach, and empower YOU and your family to make safer, smarter choices to reduce chemical and radiation exposures, prevent illness, and optimize both physical and mental health. In addition, our goal is to help hospitals, schools, and manufacturers, make changes to reduce unsafe chemical exposure of the children and adults that they serve. It’s a lofty goal, but it has to start somewhere! I hope you will join us on this mission.


Dr Aly Cohen Interviewed on The Green Hour

  Dr Aly Cohen is interviewed on The Green Hour Radio Show #12: Health and the Environment. How is our health influenced by our environment? There are a lot of […]

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The Health Effects of Everyday Chemicals

Aly Cohen, MD discusses the health of effects of everyday chemicals with students at Princeton High School. Learn what you need to know to protect yourself from toxins. This work […]

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Dr Aly Cohen on Autoimmune Adventures

Toxins and Autoimmunity: Dr. Aly Cohen. Episode 33 Show How do toxic chemicals affect autoimmune disorders and what can you do to protect yourself? Around 87,000 chemicals are currently in […]

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A Meditation On Toe Nail Polish

On my recent and rare visit to get a manicure /pedicure, I was asked by a smiley Korean woman on the stool by my feet if I had picked out […]

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Everybody can become a "smart human,” if the appropriate information is presented to them – knowing the potential threats in your environment, will give you the option to choose better. ~ Dr. Aly Cohen, Founder

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