Radio Podcasts & Video

Dr. Cohen’s TEDx talk: How to Protect Your Kids from Toxic Chemicals

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Green Hour Radio:  “Your Home, Your Choices, Your Health” 

Autoimmune Adventures: Toxins and Autoimmunity

Intelligent Medicine: Natural treatment of Autoimmune Diseases

The Dr. Joy Show: Everyday Chemicals and Our Health

2018 One Health One Planet Symposium – “Proactive Approaches to Reduce Environmental Exposures: Avoidance, Lifestyle Changes, and Practical Resources”

The CogniDiet Lifestyle Show – How to Reduce Harmful Chemicals in Everyday Life!

Low-Carb Paleo Show – Chemicals in Our Food and Drinking Water

The Shift – Environmental Chemicals and Gut Health

Pure Nurture Podcast – Environmental Health and Your Pregnancy

The Empowerment Hour Radio Show – Environmental Chemical Basics

Phoenix Helix Autoimmune Podcast – Scleroderma Spotlight