Dr. Aly Cohen Presents Environmental Health Lecture Series

ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS’ EFFECT ON KIDS AND ADULTS with Dr. Aly CohenENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH: Dr. Aly Cohen, a local internist specializing in comprehensive rheumatology, integrative medicine, and environmental health, will present two more lectures in her Environmental Health Lecture Series at Princeton High School through June 7, 2017.

— From an Article in Town Topics written by Donald Gilpin —

Princeton High School will be hosting the last two of a series of six lectures on a range of environmental health topics on Wednesdays, May 31 and June 7, 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

Dr. Aly Cohen, an internist specializing in comprehensive rheumatology, integrative medicine, and environmental health will lecture this week on several classes of chemicals, including how medications can adversely affect health, as well as non-medicine ways to relieve pain. She will discuss flame retardant chemicals, plasticizers, pesticides, and other chemicals that affect the endocrine system of the human body.

Her June 7 presentation will address ways to naturally clean the body of chemicals, including diet choices, exercise, and how sleep works to clean the brain. “I will be talking physiology, toxicology, U.S. regulatory laws, and helping kids make safer, healthier choices with products, food, and lifestyle,” she said.

Cell Phones and Other Gadgets; What’s Really in Your Drinking Water?; Air Quality; and Is My Antiperspirant Killing Me? (choosing safer personal care products) are among the topics addressed by Dr. Cohen in previous classes, which drew 40-60 high school students per lecture.

She described, “Great interest and questions from the students,” and she has been collecting data with pre- and post-lecture questions in order to evaluate this program for potential national accessibility.

“I also encourage students to take a look at and follow my Facebook and Instagram pages, “The Smart Human,” which is unbranded environmental health and prevention information for students and people of all science backgrounds,” Dr. Cohen said. “I post great health tips three times per week.”

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