Dr. Aly Cohen Quoted in Health & Wellness Love to Know Article – Understand Your Gut Microbiome So You Can Harness Its Power

Dr. Aly Cohen was quoted in an article from lovetoknowhealth.com on the subject of the gut microbiome:

The microbes in your gut “talk” to your brain through a communication system called the gut-brain axis. First studied in mice, this phenomenon has also been recently demonstrated in humans. “Through electron microscopy—the most intense magnification possible— bacteria are actually visible going up and down the vagus nerve like a highway,” says Dr. Aly Cohen, an integrative rheumatologist. Dr. Cohen says that in this way, your gut bacteria can directly communicate with the brain.

Avoid food that your gut bacteria doesn’t like: artificial colors, preservatives, artificial flavoring. “Try to have fresh foods with the least amount of pesticides,” says Dr. Cohen. “You want to make sure they don’t kill off your home-grown bacteria.”

“Stress changes the pH of the gut—makes it more acidic,” Dr. Cohen says. An acidic gut changes what bacteria can live there. If you’re living in a stressful environment all the time, you can lower your good bacteria.

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