Dr. Aly Cohen Weighs In on The Health Dangers of “Quats”

Dr. Aly Cohen contributed to the First For Women article News: Your Disinfectant Wipes Could Be Making You Fat, Foggy and Tired — MDs Weigh In on The Health Dangers of “Quats”

This article warns about the health risks of using popular disinfectant products containing quaternary ammonium compounds (quats), like Chlorox and Lysol. Quats can lead to skin irritation, breathing problems, eye damage, weakened immunity, and even issues like diabetes and weight gain. To stay safe, check product labels for quats, opt for eco-friendly options, or make your own cleaning solutions with vinegar and baking soda.

Quaternary ammonium compounds, also known as QACs or “quats,” are a type of chemical often used in household surface cleaners, hand sanitizers and other antimicrobial products. “They are found in thousands of products worldwide and get into our bodies everyday through a variety of pathways,” explains rheumatologist Aly Cohen, MD, founder of The Smart Human. Quats invade both through direct skin contact and when we inhale vapors.

“Almost 95,000 synthetic compounds have been added into our lives over the past 75 years,” says Dr. Cohen, an integrative medicine and environmental health expert and author of Non-Toxic: Guide to Living Health in a Chemical World. “That’s a lot for the human body to manage!”

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